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Name Francis Marso
Former position at RUN Researcher
Biographical Notes
Francis Marso joined RUN in September 1985 and left in May 1991.
Current diploma(s) : Ir. 1985 ULg, Dr. 1991 ULg
Publications at RUN
* LOTOS as an Aid in the Design of Computer Communication Systems by Stepwise Refinement
F. Marso
Doctoral thesis, University of Liège
Collection des publications de la Faculté des Sciences Appliquées, n° 132, 1993, 314 pp.
* Performance Testing Methodology for a HSLAN System Interconnecting LANs on a Broad Site
F. Marso and B. Hauzeur
Proc. of High Speed Local Area Networks II, 1990, pp. 29-46, Elsevier Science Publishers (North Holland, 1990)

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